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imagesAs a licensed Dietitian, Celina is passionate about helping people live healthier and fulfilling lives. She believes the key to optimum well-being is to consume deliberately, not accidentally. Celina noticed the connection between food and health as an adolescent when her uncle passed away of a major heart attack at the age 30. This private tragedy triggered an interest in well-being that would turn out to be one of her life’s best passions.

Once her Grandfather passed away a decade afterward, also of heart disease, it further inspired Celina’s profession in dietetics (learn about spine health). Her dad, with identical genes, is going strong today due to a healthy diet and a strict exercise routine. The truth is, both her mother and father, who will be in their 70’s, are disease-free, medication-free, energetic as well as slender. Celina has brought up two healthy and balanced youngsters that are currently in university. She is a firm believer that what you eat absolutely does make a difference.